The winner of the Florida Mega Millions claimed a $1.6 billion prize through LLC

TAMPA (WFLA) – The identity of the lucky Mega Millions winner who claimed the record-breaking $1.6 billion jackpot will not be released for now, thanks to some creativity on the winner’s part.

The Florida Lottery announced that the jackpot had been claimed by Saltines Holdings, LLC. The LLC elected to receive the profits as a one-time payment of $794,248,882.

An LLC is a business structure in the US that protects its owners from personal responsibility for their debts or obligations. By claiming the prize through an LLC, the ticket winner cleverly avoided having to reveal his identity.

In Florida, where the ticket was claimed, the name of an LLC’s owner is a matter of public record, but the jackpot winner filed the LLC in Delaware, a state where the owner of an LLC is not public.

The jackpot-winning ticket, which was sold on August 8 at Publix at 630 Atlantic Boulevard in Neptune Beach, surpassed the previous record of $1.537 billion, won in South Carolina on October 23, 2018.

The jackpot increased after 32 rollovers from April to August 2023, and also contributed $73.4 million to education in the state, according to the Florida Lottery.

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